Lead Pages

Generating new leads is everything in business

Lead Pages

Generating new leads is everything in business, and our lead pages offer the best in sales content and formatting. From the moment a visitor lands on your page, our lead pages guide them further down the sales funnel. With well-formatted content that encourages readers to keep scrolling and prominent calls-to-action, our lead pages are designed to sell without losing that personal touch.

Optimus 5 lead pages come at the following plans and prices:

  • Prime plan

  • $23.95

    • Unlimited lead pages

The three plans come with 5, 50 and unlimited domains respectively, allowing you to create standalone professional pages for each niche. Lead pages are a great way for niche marketing professionals to reach targeted consumers and create an intense focus on a specific call to action. Built-in e-commerce software and marketing support offers everything you need to start selling on your dedicated lead page.

One of the most difficult parts of building a lead page is installing themes and plugins. The ProfitBuilder package does all of the hard work for you and lets you set up a powerful sales page in a matter of minutes. Click-and-drag functionality makes it easy to build a truly custom page and make changes without any coding experience. We offer more than 60 pre-designed layouts to choose from, making it easy to find a design that works for each niche.

Lead pages can be used as spokes on a wheel emanating from your main site. Because these pages are usually devoted entirely to a specific product, they often receive a boost in search engines for authority. Lead pages are designed to draw the attention of consumers looking for a specific product, service or the answer to a question that your business can provide. With lead pages on each of your areas of expertise, you can build a dynamic network of pages that all funnel back to your primary website.

Call Optimus 5 today to get started on your lead pages. Whether you want to build a network of targeted lead pages or simply set up a few for your core services and products, we offer a variety of design options. Lead pages can be your number one marketing ally, generating traffic to your website and delivering a powerful sales pitch from the moment visitors land on the page.



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