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Hosting  Domain and Website with Optimus 5

Why Choose Us ?

The answer is simple……….Because we have your back! Your domain and website are key assets to your business brand or entity and we work to keep your site online and effective 24/7.


Domain Registration Protection:

Your domain name is the gateway to your brand and in many cases the only gateway to your ability to be seen by customers. We offer Domain Registration Protection  (DRP) to all of our clients for up to 18 months ….what does this mean to you? If you fail to pay your domain name registration when it expires we will hold your domain name for 18 months before releasing it back into the available pool.

Why do we offer DRP ? Because domains that have a great seo profile ( great backlinks, social signals, high PA/DA/TF) or are considered to be desireble names and thus require a premium to be re-registered ( Even by the original owner) Most .com domain registrations start at $9 a year but domains that hit the auction block fetch up to 200 times that amount! Crazy right? but here is why:


Vanessa Jones started her online childrens boutique in 2007, overtime she developed her domain name and brand profile to be quite popular, over the past 9 years she spent hundreds of dollars on Seo, Advertising and worked her social media pages religiously, she had about 400 new visitors a day to her website and had numerous positive reviews on Google+, Yelp, ScamAdviser etc. ranked for 27 keywords in Google holding the top spot for those keywords , she halso had about 60 other keywords holding in the top 3 search results in Bing, Yahoo and other serach engines. Things couldnt get much better!

On valentines day of 2016 she left her purse in the car and it was subsequently stolen, Vanessa cancelled all of her bank cards and took care of all the pertinent issues, Reported her phone lost/stolen etc, and resumed with her life. In May of 2016 her Domain registrar sent her an email stating her domain would expire soon but somehow she didnt see it , domain registrar tried calling her but she had changed her phone number so she didnt get the call. @ weeks before her domain was set to expire the domain registrar attempted to autobill her credit card but that failed ( She changed card numbers months ago) Unbeknownst to Vanessa things were about to fall apart.

In July Vanessa took her usual family vacation to Hawaii and when she returned a week later she noticed she hadnt made any money, no orders to ship which seemed odd so she logged into her site and the domain failed to resolve and all she saw was an error , she investigated further and realized her domain had expired and now GoDaddy wanted $2600 to register the domain! and even though she was willing to pay that …..soone had reserved her domain and she was now in a bidding war to buy the domain she had owned and branded for the past 9 years . She eventually gave up when the price of the domain hit $3100. Her only choice was to start from scratch once again and try to find a domain like Motherhood.US or which were the only 2 available ………….One small Mistake cost her everything she worked so hard to build.


Protecting you and your Intellectual property is the first line of defense we offer with DRP. As unlikely as it seems the above scenario happens quite alot and protecting you the best we can is what makes hosting your domain with Optimus 5 different from our competitors. If Vanessa had hosted with Optimus 5 she would have been able to just pay the missed registration of $9 and get right back to business.


Website Content Backup Protection:

Things happen, pages corrupt for odd reasons , you accidentally erase a few lines of code, your cat Baxter walked accross your keyboard while you were adding products and ….well things just went crazy and you need your website back to normal ASAP. Optimus 5 keeps 1 recent back up of yourweb site with free backup file delivery ( we will never charge you for a backup of your site like most other hosts)


SEO and Social Media Management:

We offer Local and Global Seo packages and provide a single bolling interface allowing you to Create and cancel subscriptions painlessly. The benefit to you is essentially having the manufaturer that can Build, Manage and service the vehicle that is your website; Somone that understands the ins and outs of your Site and the needs of your business……… we take the pain out of growing!


Themes, Plugins and More:

Optimus 5 offers over 5000 Themes , plugins and widgets for free as well as Premium Paid add ons with unlimited product support 24/7-365.


Content Creation:

When it comes to SEO content is king, We offer a full line of content services from Article Creation, Images, Video and GIF content for a fraction of the price most other services charge. generally we can gurantee content delivered in days …….not months!


Social Media Promotion:

From Facebook to Instagram to Metacafe and Amoeba we offer visible solutions to your social media promotion issues, gain thousands of Guranteed Organic likes, shares and followers in 2 weeks or less. We have social media promotion startegies for any business. Social media marketing done with retargeting and custom audience creation for each project ( no cookie cutter marketing schemes ) Guaranteed positive results every time at one of the industries most affordable prices.


Did we gain your business yet?

We are positive that we can do more for your company and brand than anyone in a reasonable amount of time with resources that will fit in any budget. Give us a try or contact one of our Service representatives anytime!

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