Local Seo: What every business owner must know

How Does Local SEO Get Me on Front Page of Google?
Appearing high in the Google search results is an important part of a local business’ advertising goals. With proper SEO techniques, a business can rise in the ranks with the hopes of appearing on the first page of Google.Here are just 8 steps that a local SEO service can help companies accomplish so they can be seen more clearly on the web:

[1] Optimizing On-Page SEO is the First Step

Before branching out to the web for backlinks, reviews and other important local SEO factors, firming up the SEO elements on your website is the proper logical point.

Be aware that Google lists web pages and not websites. Depending on the term that a person enters into the search box, a page deep within your website may be displayed. An SEO professional focuses on web page optimization in addition to overall website optimization.

[2] Website Structure

It’s imperative that a business with more than one location optimize the website for each location. That is, Google’s front page real estate is so valuable that it’s almost impossible to find your business there without laser targeting the business to a particular location.

For example, if a florist has a nursery in both Denver and Pueblo, Colorado, his website should have separate pages for each city. A seeker will include the city in his search, such as “fruit trees Denver,” because he doesn’t want to travel hundreds of miles to buy what he wants.

A local SEO service will see that your website has a page that is optimized for each location in the page titles, meta data, H1 headers, content and image alt tags.

[3] Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP)

Being consistent in how you present your contact information is very important to Google local SEO ranking. Your name, address and phone number should always be shown without variation.

For example, if your company’s legal name is Ruth’s Main Street Florist, never drop any part. Don’t advertise your business as Ruth’s Florist or even Ruth’s Main St. Florist. Make sure that every page of your website shows your name, address and phone number without any differences.

[4] Page Title

Google puts a lot of weight on your page title. If possible, each page should include the name of your city or region and the keyword phrase that best describes the content on that page.

Google strives to hand the seeker the exact information she is looking for. Google determines what she wants by what she types into the search box. If she’s looking for a particular type of business in a certain city, there’s an excellent chance that she’ll type a keyword (such as florist) and the name of the town or city (such as Pueblo). If both the keyword and city appears in your page title, there’s a good chance that Google will present a listing of your web page to her.

[5] Keyword Phrases

To rank well, you want to know what keywords related to your business people are typing into the Google search box and how often they do so. If you want to improve your local SEO ranking, there is no point in optimizing your web pages for phrases that people are not searching for because Google will not view your pages as something people want.

What’s more, the slightest difference in wording can make the difference between a few visitors to your website and loads of visitors. For example, “tree care denver” gets 10 to 100 searches every month, whereas “tree service denver” gets 100 to 1,000 monthly searches. The change of one word – with almost the exact same meaning – gets ten times as many searches as the other.

An SEO expert will research and analyze this type of keyword information and may optimize your site for both search terms so that you get traffic from both phrases.

[6] Online Citations is a Key SEO Factor

Citations are mentions of your business around the internet. As mentioned previously, it’s crucial that every mention of your company be the same. A local SEO professional will know where to look for citations of your business, such as in local directories that are relevant to your industry.

[7] Maps

When people are looking for a business, a map is always a plus. At the very least, a Google map with an image marker showing your location should be embedded in your web pages.

An extra plus would be a map displaying the location of your business on the Google search page. A local SEO expert can help you set this up and explain how local SEO benefits small business.

[8] Reviews of Your Business

Online reviews are very helpful. Starting with Google Reviews, ask satisfied customers to post a positive review about your business. Yelp Reviews is another place for posts about your company. There are also online directories and other review sites.

Have only genuine reviews. If you get a few negative reviews, don’t panic. Both Google and the public know that you can’t please all the people all the time. Just do your best to give excellent service and request a nice review whenever you get a compliment. An SEO professional can help you set up a web page that links to review sites that are relevant to your business and locality.

Using a Local SEO Service is a Wise Businesses Investment

When you place an ad about your company, product or service in a newspaper, you take great care to determine which newspaper reaches the most people. Improving the visibility of your company is part of the cost of doing business.

These days, with the wide use of smart phones, smart businesses use their advertising dollars to reach internet users as much or more than newspaper readers.

It is estimated that more than half of searches for local businesses are made from mobile devices. Because of this, your website should be optimized to display well on smart phones, desktop computers and all other devices that can search the web.

Furthermore, many people searching for a business are in their cars, looking for the product or service they need. Presenting well, that is, clearly displaying what your business has to offer, will increase your chances of securing a new customer.

Site speed is also an important factor in SEO. With today’s face-paced life – and short attention spans – people do not wait around for one page after another to load. They click off that site and move to a competitor’s site. An SEO expert can optimize your site to load and move as quickly as possible.

An SEO professional can develop a web page optimization strategy for your company. Businessmen and women are often too busy running their shops to keep up with the latest changes in Google’s search ranking algorisms.

To learn how local SEO benefits small business, contact Medford Local SEO or Local SEO Oregon.

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