Pay Per Click Ads

Businesses can benefit from a tailored pay-per-click ad campaign.

Pay Per Click

Pay-per-click advertising through sites such as AdWords, Bing and Yahoo offer a great opportunity to deliver targeted ads to your ideal consumer. These ads work by charging for the actual clicks your ads generate, leading to a reduction in waste. Both B2B and B2C businesses can benefit from a tailored pay-per-click ad campaign.

When we create a pay-per-click ad campaign for your business, we use many of the same strategies we use for SEO. Creating a list of highly targeted keywords is essential to making sure that every advertising dollar counts. Keywords ensure that your ads show up when consumers are searching for those same keywords. Having an ad show up for an irrelevant keyword may get your website in front of more viewers, but it won’t do anything to increase your revenue. Instead, we focus on building an audience that is already looking for what you have to sell.

Once someone clicks on your advertisement, you will pay a predetermined cost based on the price set for that particular keyword. Platforms like AdWords and Bing rate keywords according to their overall competitiveness and price them accordingly. For example, a general keyword such as autobody shops is more competitive and usually more highly priced than a keyword such as autobody shops in Denver. To create your perfect PPC click keywords, we consider the following:

What your audience is looking for?
How your target consumer is searching for a particular product or service?
What other successful businesses in your niche are ranking for?
The cost of the keyword and the ROI?

By taking these factors into consideration, we can build a customized PPC strategy that meets the unique needs of your business. The greatest benefit of online advertising compared to traditional mediums like television is that it allows you to focus on a specific audience. Unlike television or print ads, your PPC ads will only be seen by users who are already searching for your keywords. This means that those users are far more likely to click on an ad and interact with your brand.

For more help understanding the PPC ad process and launching your online campaign, call Optimus 5 today. We are more than happy to help you learn how pay-per-click advertising can bring more customers to your business. With the right combination of PPC ads and social media marketing, you will be well on your way to a comprehensive online marketing strategy.


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